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Sponsorship Request Information

Request amount: $100,000

1. Name of Organization:

Design Innovation Institute (Dii)

2. Project Title:

Designing the World: Summer Youth Camp (Design Camp)

3. Project Description:

For one week in July of 2013, Design Camp will be introducing careers in design to 100 San Diego students (ages 14-17) from diverse social and economic backgrounds. The camp’s mission is to teach high school students how to explore and create by using design methods.

The Design Innovation Institute (Dii) is organizing the camp as part of its Design Education mission to "promote awareness and appreciation of design as a way of enhancing and enriching life." Design Camp will offer students a first step look towards pursuing a career in the design field by exposing them to a fun-packed week with design professionals. A valued by-product is the impact they can have on society and the economy through design.

The program will be conducted in partnership with San Diego State University and the University of Minnesota’s Design Institute. Dii will offers scholarships to at least 25% of our qualifying students with the help of people like you. Your sponsorship of $1,000 will be recognized as a formative contribution to a participating student's career.

Students will choose from among five different design workshops (20 students each) co-taught by two instructors from leading design firms and educational institutions. A total of five undergraduate/graduate student mentors will provide additional personal attention to students in each workshop. Instructors will choose a specific topic for their workshop within five broad categories:  1. Graphic Design, 2. Fashion and Textile Design, 3. Architecture/Urban Design, 4. Product Design, and 5. Furniture Design.

On Monday morning, after first day introductions, students will begin a personal journal of design ideas and will record initial steps to setting and maintaining their future goals.  For the remainder of the week, the students will participate in one of the five discipline-specific workshops as they maintain entries in their journals. During the last day of Design Camp (Friday afternoon), each student will present and display one of their original designs relevant to the topic of their workshop.

4. What is the proposed budget for this project?

The total budget for this project is $100,000.

5. List other sources of funding for this project and indicate whether committed, conditional, or potential?

Tuition fee from 75 students @ $200 each = $15,000

6.  How does Dii intend to accomplish the purpose of the organization?

The Design Innovation Institute (Dii) is dedicated to educating San Diegans of all ages about the value of design and its opportunities in enriching and enhancing everyday life. Our mission for youth is to help broaden their creative aptitude through the design process and the value of math, science and literature as resources in achieving their goals. "Measure twice, cut once;" exploring physical virtues of materials; and, establishing a personal journal are intended to make evident the links between traditional education and innovation through design.

Design Camp fulfills two crucial aspects of Dii’s mission:

  1. Emphasize the link between traditional education and innovation through design. Since each workshop will be co-taught, one instructor who is an educator and one who is a practitioner in the field, students will be able to see the practical benefits of an advanced education and career path in design through the eyes of those teaching and those working in the design field.
  2. Encourage cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration through themed workshops and the pairing of instructors from different academic and professional backgrounds.

7.   Specifically, what will be accomplished and how will Dii evaluate what has been accomplished?

Through Design Camp, Dii will accomplish the following:

  1. introduce a new generation of students to careers in design;
  2. introduce students to the creative process of design through journaling;
  3. show students that they can be active participants in bettering their communities and the world through design.
  4. help students understand the value of math and science by individual research, planning and experimenting with various materials.

Student's successes will be evaluated by their final projects and the design process they share from their personal journals leading up to a finished product that was created over the course of the week. This design journal will provide them with a personal record and a valuable educational reference for the future.

The program’s success will be based on meeting participation goals and ensuring that 25% of students are provided scholarship opportunities. In addition, each participant will be asked to fill out an evaluation form. Feedback from instructors will also allow us to determine student participation and engagement.

We would like to personally thank each of you for your interest and support in the Design Innovation Institute and Design Camp.